FFXIV outfits

11 Apr

I really like the healer one. I just hope you guys modify it so it doesn’t clip with literally every hairstyle that’s not a pixie cut.Yeah, a lot of outfits have horrible hair clipping problems! I hope they can work on fixing this with outfits they have already implemented as well! I’m not a fan of the winners but the runners up looked more dynamic and colorful to me. I wonder how hard it would have been to make them in-game and that’s why they weren’t chosen.  Raelynn Rhiannon Hernandez I like it but dang I wish they were making the runners up. There’s way more contrast which would actually let people have unique characters for these classes.

My BLM would rock almost all of those runner-ups, but not the winner. That’s not something I would ever put her in. It’s well done, just not my style. Great work to everyone. Its sort of like a lot had more complex and small details needing to be added so more work for the art team hence their choices. Honestly I thino they are all good and unique and congrats to the winners but i think the healer one looks a little bland for my taste in outfits. Still congrats! FFXIV Gil Everyone did a wonderful job on their art, but I’m not in love with the healers outfit. Would have liked 6 or 10. I really do hope they implement most of the runner ups in the future. Would love to see my character in the ones that I really like. For now, I’ll just stick with the outfit I have.

I don’t like the winning ones. The healer one is so boring and looks like stuff we already have in the game. A great design, but hell if that’s going to be a time stone gear set… it’s getting glamoured over straight away! So disappointed…. so many better designs. I Iiked the one with the feathers the most. Beautiful! Cheap FFXIV Gil This would have been the closest to looking like an angel especially as the angel gear is Chinese/Korean version locked. I actually liked alot of the runner ups way more than the ones that were picked. Not that I don’t appreciate the time each person put into these. Even I had some ideas but I can’t draw too well so I wouldnt have been able to do it. I just feel someone the runner ups should be added if not now then later on.

People are amusing complaining about how the winners are sets that we already have in game. Well duh of course…it makes less work for the people that have to implement it into the game. whoever picked the winners really needs a stern talking to. Some of the other designs were so much better. Maybe by 6.0 we can had some decent looking gear.  They are both great designs but very simple and somewhat boring compared to the others. It’s clear they were chosen to be implemented because they were easy adds for the dev’s. The armor from Dune Scaith, Balsair Wall, and I believe I think one other dungeon are exactly the same. So why are we just accepting one winner?


FFXIV Patch 3.55a hit the servers on Tuesday

9 Mar

Patch 3.55a hit the servers on Tuesday, and with it the Abes and High Summoner’s attires have made it into the game for visitors of the Fan Festivals and those who have watched the event live on our premium streams! Have you missed out on the amazing events, or want to experience the fantastic concerts again? Get the stream archive for the most recent event in Europe!  I loved the streams and I bought all 3, which means I have another 8 tokens doing nothing. Think we could get some other item as compensation? I’d be happy if it was even something simple like expensive dyes or items from recruit a friend. Hell I would settle for making the items tradeable so I could give a clothes set to a friend. Just a suggestion for those of us who bought all the streams.

maybe buy the set for the gender you dont have and then you can put them on a retainer that is another gender; still leaves you with 4 but it’s a suggestion. Cheap FFXIV Gil im on free trial and i was planning on subscribing after it ends but i change my mind because of the que w8ing times i cant event progress on my main quest anymore. is this game still populated? Make sure that you have ALL languages selected on your duty finder. Otherwise look at joining an active FC that can help you q or alternatively put up a Party Finder . I still haven’t done 3.5, been away for a while and my ilvl is too low to do the main quest dungeon, and I’m too lazy to grind and get better gear.

Nah, the honeymoon has ended. I might try and complete it before Stormblood, but I will be leaving 4.x alone until the 4.5 patch (or ending equivalent). Buy FFXIV Gil was great to bad they didn’t count on people getting all 3 so now got 4-8 tokens just sitting there. queuing in dungeons is a letdown!  Do we still have the option to buy the streams? The FFXIV team is flying eastward to attend PAX East! We’ll be hosting a Warring Triad roulette with unique challenges and rewarding triumphant adventurers with a Stormblood shirt! Yoshida will be on hand to visit with fans at the booth and to host a Q&A panel on Saturday! Warring Triad in ff14 was all looks, no challenge in regards to extreme modes.

I really hope 4.0 has more engaging endgame than this hashed up piece of crap xD. Thought unsubbing would never cross my mind… Yoshida just said at last fanfest live. When the game was launched coil was difficult and people over time complaint about it being hard so they fix it through patches but then as new endgame comes out people complaint it being to easy so they try increase difficult but people yet again complaint that alexander was to hard. So what yoshida said he not going to listen to the fans anymore over they want this be easy or hard he going put in 2 options in 4.0.

Diadem will come in 3.55b and the MSQ will come in 3.56

1 Mar

I’m sorry I should have been more clear. I mean did I miss any items by not killing the Succubus before she was replaced? No. She occasionally dropped the tank sword she had but it’s one of the crappy weapons you can get from golden saucer. Okay. Thanks. I’m still a little disappointed I can’t fight her at all. Won’t it be easier to just wait till storm blood n level up over getting my anima at this point?  No, the light farming process is exhausting but not as the atma weapon. When stormblood comes who knows if you’ll queue for the farming. In a weak i got 4 runes, in 2 weeks 8… I play like 1 hour a die so… is not that hard (farm a1s a lot when is sturdy) The expansion still doesn’t release for another 3 1/2 months though.

When HW came out, Zodiacs became obsolete around lvl 55-56, so completing your Anima seems like a good idea if you want a decent weapon for Stormblood at launch. Cheap FFXIV Gil They will just release new weapons that out them to shame anyways….  for Heavensward my Zeta was obsolete almost immediately but – they may make the new weapon where you can turn in the anima to skip a step as they did the Zeta. Who knows? I can’t wait to get back on after 1 year of inactivity hyped for storm blood but I gotta finish horizon until dawn first. Umbrite changes are fine, not perfect cause still lore farm only, but its an advance. Yea eso are obsolete now lol. Cody Moore stop being a little bitch and play the game dammit. I need more friends on Hyperion.

I’m on Hyperion too! Add Ricco Calafiore if you want. Always looking for new friends. Since most of my guildies don’t play anymore . I just want to see what Tataru made for me! Buy FFXIV Gil People complaining about proto Ultima cause they were expecting a full 24 men raid exclusive for him… I’m disappointed I can’t log in due to subscription issue!! d this is why 14 is dying, fast. Lazy content for high prices. It’s ridiculous.  They did. Now only 150 lore instead of 300. There is also something about an easier way to get crystal sand using the unidentified items. But I was too busy taking my BRD Anima to i275 to have time tonight. Helps make the beast tribe quests relevant again.

Working on my Scholar Anima as well.good timing for you to be back on babes.  Looks like ill stick with WoW for now… did they fix the unable to download patches ps4 problem? Would the main story also not be in this patch? No Diadem will come in 3.55b and the MSQ will come in 3.56. Msq is being added in 3.55b (2 weeks i think they said)  Awesome! Thanks Square-Enix!  The endgame for this current tier was dumbed down. Hardcore players had it done in a week compared to 3-7 weeks of progression.


21 Feb

No hate (yet) but what makes you say eso is better? Jean-Sébastien Paquin tell me how groundbreaking ff pvp is? It’s terrible and let’s not get into the recycling of content that you brain dead morons gush over and/or the lack of rewarding content. Matt Uvence it doesn’t require a blood sacrifice the pvp is more fluid the pve isn’t hardcore tough but it’s good casual fun. The feast is awesome, Cheap FFXIV Gil so is the Frontline and the Seize, Ffxiv got a review of 10% more than Eso everywhere. I bet you never ever did any Savage mode to say lack of rewarding content 😂 Of course it’s way harder to put a lv10 in your party to speed run a dungeon is Eso right? 😂 You know why eso isn’t pay by month? Because nobody would ever pay for this crap. FF is pay by month and guess what? They have more and more player while eso got less and less. I guess you are the moron who think there’s any single challenge in this game.

Ff does have a bigger population but it also had the biggest decline in players of any game this year people are tired of same old same some of you die hards may love every little note Yoshikawa plays but honestly ff isn’t worth 14 a month not even 10. Honestly if you think ff pvp is great I feel bad for you you must have never experienced real good pvp before. Gotta love all the concerts and events at the ESO fanfest…..

PvP isn’t a particularly relevant reason to play FFXIV. It’s not important in the game. Buy FFXIV Gil So you can’t comment on its PvP over and over, as it isn’t the focus of the game. The focus is story, mechanically fun dungeons, and well-made jobs. ESO is too different of a game to be comparing it to, it’s a totally different style – it’s all about side quests and mini-stories, class builds, and clunky, awkward “realism” combat.Let’s just be real if the Name Final Fantasy wasn’t attached 80% of you wouldn’t be playing this game.

We like FFXIV and you like ESO, can’t we just leave at that? No matter what we say will convince you and no matter what you is gonna convince us, so what’s the point? It’s so pathetic seeing people discussing what game is better, and even more pathetic is going to the page of a game you hate just to say it sucks. When you say eso is better than ffxiv I cannot take you seriously anymore. pvp is not the key off a good mmorpg.Cody went full retarded it seems since all his facts and logic are all crumbling.  Wow More Events and Special Piano Concert Amazing. FXIV Special Concert I Can’t Watching For Time.  Because he plays Eso, that’s why.

BNS Loading Screen Art Contest

9 Feb

What about 64 bit system ? ;D I think i heard that they said about 64 bit system on stream is it true ? COPIED FROM POST: YEAP A LOT There is already a 64 bit client in korea, it went live today . Watch, and doesnt have a monster pc, He has an i5 with 3.4 Ghz,gtx 780, 8gb ram, windows 7 64 bit, and he runs as you can see max settings , with high fps and no CONTROL+F. Buy Blade and Soul Gold If it went live today we ain’t getting it any time soon don’t kid yourself. When was the last time they ever did something the community wanted. Jordan Powellalready confirmed we get 64bit tomorrow with the patch soo…better keep up with info than misjudging.

Jordan Powell, the 64bit client will come tomorrow, Babbletron already confirmed it. If you not well informed about it, please, shut ur month and stop misjudging…Also, they already made alot of changes to the game according to the community’s wish, but not everything can be done as we please. ty ppl i was on a break and didnt see that stream i just heard . comeon U hawe been server ? U know server things ? its not so easy put and go ! U shud test it all before run ewrything witout lags and bugs too. Michał Artur Ozga We want the patch notes? cheap Blade and Soul Gold 😂 Detailing the fixes, the new weapon progression and the supposedly new 64but client. It’s nice to know the details.

Where is gunner ??? I’m waiting only for him!!! Omar Macaya, then i played since the game launched…i’m sitting at 778AP, so i’m whale? lol. Yh basically when I say whale I mean ap wise not p2w
So like I’m 650 I’m a fat. Have one gigant button called “download” there. Drew Clifton man I think ur right the game looks amazing but the installation gonna take years to be completed. i heard it got costume kinda look like jinsoyun costume Xd. Get your paints and markers out—the Loading Screen Art Contest is ending soon! guys why i cant create account it says ” account creation failed you are not authorized to create an account” need some help pls.

We’re taking a sneak peek at the new Wings of the Raven update TOMORROW at 4:00pm PST o I don’t know if this is the right place to put this but I need help. Everytime I try to go to Jiwan Peak for the story quest my game freezes up and shuts off. It’s been going on for months and no matter what I do, it keeps happening. I can’t advance the story and it’s really frustrating. Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Support so they can have a look into this with you:

Blade & Soul’s ONE YEAR now

22 Jan

Thank you Mohammed Hammoud some do not understand that concept only money I’ve spent was on costumes and I’m at 687 AP and have been aging for 2 months so yea… Mohammed that’s the concept behind pay to win. I can be lvl 50 no money spend and go against you who is lvl 50 fully loaded cause you spend money for example. Who do you thing it’s gonna win? Fully upgraded payed equipment upgraded character or original non payed? Stop giving excuses to the game. The paying to progress/upgrade/evolve IS the P2W concept. P2W does NOT mean I throw money and I am invulnerable or unkillable. Search and think before you talk.

Although pay to progress faster isnt true p2w concept, it can still be considered as one, when you require abysmal amount of materials and time spent to upgrade your gear. Buy Blade and Soul Gold And if you want to upgrade your gear, you also need to understand that you musnt spent money on anything else (example costumes), and they are very tempting with new collections coming all the time. it was the 60+ chat bots that killed it for me i didn’t even mind the p2w because it still seemed like a good story. Caleb Rattin Very few chatbots anymore that i’ve noticed. whats pay to win about it i see pay to progress faster thats about it some people have jobs that take up most of the day and cant grind 24/7 like some plebs that live in the basement lul.

How is a “p2w” beating you in the arena? Because effectively thats the only time anyone paying and getting a benefit would actually come into play. You don’t need legendary items quite yet to do end game content. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Almost no one does 6v6. P2W unless you’re using the broad/cherry picked term implies paying money gives you a level of power which puts you ahead of everyone else for current or future mandatory content that is otherwise unattainable through any realistic effort. Archeage for example essentially let you gain limitless power through paying, tera might as well have. Blade and Souls only function which has any bragging rights is Arena PvP, in which your gear doesn’t matter nearly as much as competence with your class and skill points.

Daniel Lovero ill start playing again then. i nvr spend real life gold in game, not even purchase any Ncoin for hoongmoon store, but only doing daily quest, now im 700++ AP, im proud with my self. Donny Charleboix same to me. I only pay for costumes that I like, not the upgrade. I am at 730ap and my second alt is 670ap without paying a dime. See lol as well as you can but all the stuff you want it doesn’t help with skill what so ever.

FFXIV Garo gear

6 Jan

Dam bt seams to be OK for u when I was on it was only getting 26 and was right by the hub. Another mediocre gear set. FFXIV Gil I really hope Stormblood has more unique designs. When are you going to make the game exciting again and not so grind heavy. Still having issues playing this on my Xbox One. Please fix. Thank you, I love you. Game isnt on Xbox One. You are probably referring to FFXV which is the recent one that came out…. Maybe that’s why he’s having issues, lol. This went way over your guys heads didn’t it? He’s saying it wants it on Xbox one, which is why he’s having issues.

Yup he post’s the same thing on every ff14 post. Just ignore him lol pointless crying about not having it on xbox when it’s Microsoft. That are being dicks about it. Se offerd them it Ms got greedy as per usual.I miss it, I just don’t have the time anymore, might take a look when red mage is released. Oh my god these mounts. I have so much catching up to do. Mark Apostol we nid to finish the main fast… natatabunan tayo ng patch. Haha, my worries after I board. Woooo finally the grim turn i have been waiting for. Everything has been too lala and moogle so far.

Damnit, why does the Garo gear have to be PVP gated. Because every single event ever has been PvE. how about you remove the stupid 120 quests with 4k rewards we need to do to acess HW? Yeah, currently grinding this atm. Cheap FFXIV Gil Are you talking about the main story…? 120 MSQ that gives 4k experience points, no one takes that filler BS as real story. (im talking about the filler after a realm awoken) We all had to do it lol just grind through it and it should be over before you know it. I do agree with you though that it is a daunting task to get to HW but it will be the same thing to get from HW to the new expansion.

Good God, it’s all story. We all have to do it. If you’re not into sitting down and reading while you’re playing a video game then I’m not sure Final Fantasy is the series for you. This all allows you to actually enjoy the story while doing just about anything else, crafting, dungeons and so forth. Also gives you the time to get good at your job/jobs. I’ve heard rumours that there might be a thing people can buy to jump straight to level 50 and that kinda scares me a bit. I wouldn’t mind it if they upped the experience. 4,000 xp doesn’t even put a dent in lvl 50.